Sucessfully Using a Dumb Down Resume


Dumb Down Resume-

We are living in the 21st century; the highly competitive era. We can observe a rat race at every other corner. Beginning from getting admission in a good high school, then a grad school and later; finding a good job. Well many intellects might have different opinions regarding a good job but in my view a good job is the one that gives you work satisfaction.

These days it has become really tough to find a good job, the crunch in the industry has forced people to settle down for whatever is available even if it is much less than what they deserve. We have reached this stage because the number of qualified people have surpassed the number of work opportunities. For every next job you apply or interview you give you find a mass to compete with out of which there are surely many who are better than you; so what is the key to get the job. There goes a saying ‘winners don’t do different things, they do things differently’; you too have to be different, or in better words innovative to find job. So let us try to make your job quest a bit easy.

‘Hard work is the key to success’ has long been outdated, you have to be smart to get a job today and sometimes to dumb down your resume is actually a smart move.

For every vacancy generated in a firm the HR department receives hundreds of resumes; to get a call for the next level your resume must pass the first level. Putting myself in the shoes of human resource department I would select the resume that outcasts the maximum experience in the related job or shows the exceptional qualification of the applicant or any other such parameter; such things are done only to filter out the better ones from the mass. But what if a person has an average qualification not much of experience and nothing extra ordinary to showcase in the resume; well in such cases it is better to dumb down the resume that is cutting down the information mentioned on the resume. In such a case the resume will not give you an edge ahead but at the same time will not even push you back. A person might get a fair chance to appear in the job interview and express himself, the way he/she wants to.

But remember the decision to dumb down the resume must or not will always depend on the company you are applying for. Your resume serves as your virtual image to the company, if it unable to show your positive side, make sure that it doesn’t displays the dark side either.

If you get a call for next level after applying with your dumb downed resume make sure to be well prepared for the sub sequent rounds. Just get sufficient knowledge about the company their operations and the position you are applying for. Don’t make the interviewer regret his decision of calling you for interview.

Dumb downed resume is not a sure shot assurance for an interview but might increase your chance in many cases by hiding your weak limbs in comparison to candidates with superior qualifications or experience.


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Interview Questions from Dumb Down Resume

Are there any shortcomings in my application or interview that I could address now?

How do you celebrate accomplishments and achievements here?

What values do you see in your company’s leadership that have contributed to your success?

From your perspective, what does success look like or mean in this role?

What are your top priorities for the person in this position during the first 30 days?

When it comes to work, what keeps you awake at night?

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Resume Secrets to Use on Your Dumb Down Resume

Resume Secrets

Look around you, and you see far more qualified applicants per job opening, than ever before. This has, forced some highly qualified individuals apply for jobs that would normally be lower than their qualifications deserve. This happens due resume secrets dumb downto the responsibility each individual has to meet his economic and financial burdens. Believe it, that there are many highly qualified individuals who would gladly take a job they would never have considered if the jobs scenario were different.  Therefore, the first hurdle you face is to have your resume stand out among the many other applicants who have the same objective as you.

This is where ‘dumbing’ down will help you. There is no ideal ‘one fits all’ formula and the main objective of the exercise should be to make the resume more attractive, brief and relevant, while not reducing the seriousness and sincerity of the application.

There are quite a few ways to achieve this – roughly termed as Resume secrets that need to be understood, and any external inputs, all are normally welcome, but sometimes quantity equals confusion. Arriving at the route to follow is finally always your decision, since the best judge is YOU! You need to understand the requirements for the post, these are not always spelt out and you have to read between the lines to get the correct picture. It is equally important to understand the company that you are applying to. It gives you an insight into what the company expects and therefore helps you format your resume better.

But here are some pointers that could help you. Select what to include in your resume based on the job requirements. In a result-oriented position, include those activities and responsibilities where your personal qualities and talent has made you successful rather than only qualifications; where personality and interpersonal skills are projected. For a position where managing a team of professionals is involved, highlight your qualifications, since you would be working alongside those who are equally qualified, but you have the experience and ‘mileage’ on your side.

Remember the story of the hare and the tortoise? At first glance, this may seem to be totally irrelevant. But, it’s food for thought and an important Resume secret!

When the application is for a post that has a large number of responsibilities and long term goals are more important than short, the strategy that the tortoise employed would be more effective in getting across your suitability for the job better than the hare, since the long term results and the planning that goes into it are the ones that matter. On the other hand, if the job requires quick results, which are measurable as you go along, then the hare angle of the story would make more sense. Here the strategy may not be so important since the results are what matter in the short term. The fact that the hare took it easy in stages might not come into play.



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Guidelines for Dumb Down Resume Format – Dumbing Down Your Overqualified Resume

There are no ‘carved in stone’ guidelines for having ‘dumb down’ resumes. In the employment scenario today, the qualified applicants outnumber the jobs available. The competition is fierce and it is always better to modify your resume format each job and your understanding of it.

There are two distinct schools of thought on this point. Both for and against. They seem to agree on the one point that the decision be based on the type of job applied for and its requirements. In these recessionary times, the number of applicants for the same job means that over qualified people would be willing to lake up lower positions, just to keep the ‘home fires burning’; and are even willing to work for a lower salary, if the salary is assured. This would advocate shorter and more humble resumes, since the recruiter, after reading your over-qualifications could consider you to be a short term member who would take up a better offer the minute it arises.

For example, when applying for an action-oriented position; you could focus on the qualities that you bring to the table, rather than extol your achievements at your current/previous job. While on the other hand, if the job is managing teams of people, your ‘over-qualification’ could be an asset. Therefore, understand the job you are applying for and then make your decision about ‘dumb downing’.  Always remember that a recruiter is not always comfortable making a recruiting decision on someone more qualified than him. This makes the decision to ‘dumb down’ even more crucial.

Even if your qualifications are pruned and reduced, this would be acceptable for short-term work, but in the case of long-term work, your experience and qualifications will have a positive impact. Reactions of recruiters and job advisory services differ from ‘dumb downing’ to ‘absolutely not’ and this just goes on to highlight the fact that each recruiter is looking for certain qualities and it is for the job hunter to decide the route taken.

Another major influence on the decision to ‘dumb downing’ is the time factor – hiring personnel have piles of applications to go through and to read a short one that is to the point and skeletal is an advantage as long as it does not sacrifice your qualities and abilities. Here, qualifications could be omitted, but not if the post has management team coordination and supervision as one of its main requirements.

Whatever you decide to do, never lie or fabricate your resume since it is not difficult to verify the details, thanks to the net, and the references and experience that you have given.

Good Things Are About To Happen,


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Day 7 Update – 2 Real Job Leads with Dumb Down Resume

Today is day 7. I had three calls about my dumbed down resume and none about my smart

One call was from I did not know what was so I was excited when they left me a voice mail. As it turns out they are some kind of employment matching service. Many reviews on claim they are a scam. So we will scratch them.

It irritates me that there are scammers out there scamming unemployed people.

The second call sounded promising. It was for an IT job close to my house. The qualifications for the job matched my skills and experience. Then the lady asked me, “Would you be willing to do this job for $60,000 a year?” I told her I couldn’t do that and she said that she was having a tough time filling the position. I told her I didn’t think she would find a mediocre IT person with years of experience with the pay they were offering.

The third call I got was from a recruiter in California. She was recruiting for a job in Denver. She wanted to add some items to my dumb down resume so that it would match her client’s needs. The client is a large hospital. She has sent in my dumb resume and we will see what happens.

Good Things Are About To Happen,


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Day 2 – Thoughts – Dumb Down Your References for Dumb Down Resumes

I sent off a few resumes today and have been dealing with an out of state recruiter that has my “smarted up” resume. I also filled out an on-line application for

It hit me while I was filling out this application that the references that it wanted me to fill in were fine for my “smarted up” resume, but what about my dumbed down resume?

My dumbed down resume needs dumbed down references!

Think about if you are a director or VP level person. Your references would likely be Presidents of companies, Chief Financial Officers, maybe some board of director type people. If this VP dumbed down his or her resume to be a manager level person, wouldn’t the references have to change as well to complete the makeover to the dumb down resume? Of course…

If a manger level person dumbed down their resume to a professional, they would need different references. This manager would probably need a director and a couple of managers as their references.

My point of this is to tell you to reconsider your references when you dumb down your resume. Pick some references that are close or slightly higher than your dumbed down resume.

Something good is about to happen, Allen

Day 1 – The end of day roundup

Day one was pretty exciting. I completed the process of dumbing down my resume. (see the process here)dumb down your resume. I wrote that page today.

I sent out sixteen dumbed down resumes and one smart resume. It is a little misleading as I sent 14 resumes to one of my previous employers. I liked it there and might like to go back.

No I have to sit back and wait for the results from today’s efforts. Tomorrow will likely be sending out more resumes.

Good Things Are About To Happen,



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Day 1 – The Oddest Thing Just Happened – Pre-Kickoff

Before I committed to do this, I made and sent out a dumbed down resume to two different companies from leads on I sent them out as an act of frustration.

You aren’t going to believe this….

One of the employers sent me an email with a complete job description. The job prefers canidates with Master’s Degrees. The irony.

I sent them a smarted up resume and a quick note. We will see what the results are.

“Good things are about to happen”,


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